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Common Countertop Damage & How We Repair It

November 30, 2020

Countertops are the most-used surfaces in your rental unit. When they’re not being used to support kitchen tools and appliances, they’re more than likely doubling as a cutting board to prepare meals on or as a place to put hot pans, plates, or other dishes. While countertops come in handy for many different reasons, they’re also prone to cracks, chips, and visible stains from your renters over time.

At Surface Experts, we know a damaged countertop can mean slower turnover rates. That’s why we’ve listed the most common types of damage that our team of experts can typically fix in less than an hour.

Knife Cuts:

Knife cuts might start off small, but they can grow to cover a large portion of your countertop if tenants continuously prepare meals on them without a cutting board. This type of damage is commonly found on laminate countertops where you’ll see noticeable streaks, scratches, and lines across the surface.  

Luckily, Surface Experts can help fix these areas by removing streaks and cut lines in as little as one hour.

Chips and Cracks:

Chips and cracks are most problematic when found on laminate surfaces.  They’ll show up along the edges of the countertop and will continue to chip away if not taken care of. It’s also important to note that chipped laminate is very sharp and can cut your skin if you come in contact with it. Think about repairing before it doubles as a medical expense!

Oil and Grease Stains:

Oil and grease can damage the appearance of your stone countertops including quartz and Corian®. Because most of these slabs are not sealed when they are installed (to prevent any possible color changes), they’re more susceptible to stains from things like grease and oil. We often see these messes right by the kitchen stove where a majority of the cooking is done. Surface Experts can remove these stains and restore the color of your stone with one simple, yet effective process.

Burn Marks:
Burn marks are another common repair we make for property managers. If a tenant places hot pans and plates on the countertop, it can leave circular burn marks that will eventually chip away and peel the countertop. You might also see lumps on laminate countertops that start to rise and crack when boiling water gets spilled on them. Rest assured, our team of experts can fix the damage so that it doesn’t continue to peel or ruin an even larger section of the surface.

We’re Here To Help!
Many property managers assume they’ll need to fully replace instead of just repairing. This only costs you more money and time. When you notice damage on your countertops, don’t be so quick to resurface. Choose the solution that will leave you with a quick, efficient, and more affordable service. Choose repairs with Surface Experts!

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