Surface Experts Serving Construction

One Sub to handle all Repairs to Your Damaged Surfaces:

  • Save Money on Replacing
  • Save Time and stay on schedule. No need to pull a sub off an install to touch up damage.
  • Save Waste from Going into Landfills
  • Common Construction Surfaces we Repair:
    • Bathtubs
    • Counters
    • Vinyl and Wood Window Frames
    • Cabinets
    • Wood Doors and Trim
    • Stainless Steel Appliances

Construction Repair Examples:

Fiberglass Structural Tub Repair
Repair to a crack in the bottom of a fiberglass bathtub.
Tub Repair
Repair chip on bath tub rim
Repair Staining to Shower Pan
Repaired Stained Shower Pan
Laminate Countertop Repair
Repair counter edge chip
Granite Countertop Repair
Repair broken endcaps on the granite counter
Chips to Quartz Counter Top
Repair Quartz Counter Top Crack
Repair Crack in Quartz Counter Top
Vinyl Floor Repair
Repair small rip in vinyl flooring
Repair to scratches in wood flooring.
Tile Repair
Repair tile crack in master bath
Wood Trim Repair
Repair chipped edges from staircase rail
Wood Trim Repair
Repair to two large scratches in the wood trim at the top of a staircase.
Repair large chip to vinyl sliding door frame
Repair large chip in vinyl window frame
Stainless Steel Repair
Remove scratches from stainless steel fridge and freezer doors

Surface Experts Explained

When a project manager or supervisor is walking a finished home, apartment or hotel they make a punch list of items that need to be fixed. Once the list is created the painters, floor installers or some other sub in brought back in to take care of some damage that was caused during the build. Many times this pushes back the time table by taking subs away from installation and putting them on repairs. Sometimes the sub can repair it and sometimes not. Whatever the case may be, the most common thing we hear is a frustrated PM who is trying to find out who caused the damage.

Surface Experts is your one-stop-shop for all repairs so there is no need to have a different sub per surface.

Bathtubs: During the construction process, bathtubs are often installed right after rough in plumbing and framing. As the build progresses, many trades and materials pass by or sit in that tub causing scratches, chips or holes. Finding out who caused the damage is difficult and not how most PMs want to spend their time. Instead of replacing or resurfacing an entire tub Surface Experts can match the color exactly and repair just the area that is damaged. The average repair takes around an hour and the tub can be used within 4 hours.

Floors: A common damage to new homes that happen during the final stages of construction is someone scratching, gouging or denting new floors. Many times its from dropped tools or materials. A rock in the bottom of someone’s boot leaves a scratch on a brand new wood floor. Even if a plank can be replaced, the last thing PMs want to do is start pulling up new flooring to replace damaged boards. Surface Experts can match color, design, texture, sheen and repair just the area that is damaged so the customer is happy and the PM can stay on schedule and under budget.

Counters: It is common to see cracks or chips along the edge of stone or laminate counter tops. Whether its laminate (Formica), Granite, Quartz or another type of solid surface countertop, Surface Experts can repair the damage as long as it’s smaller than a dinner plate. We match color, design, texture and sheen onsite for each repair. Whether it was damaged on install or was damaged later in the construction process repair only the damaged area by matching color, design, texture, and sheen.

Our average repair:

  • Takes an hour or less
  • Uses 1-2 tablespoons of product.  Little to no smell.
  • Dries within 4 hours

Appliances/Elevators: Stainless steel refrigerators, stoves, sinks dishwashers and elevator panels scratch easily during moving, cleaners or just an accidental ding from someone passing by. Surface Experts can remove scratches and restore the grain and luster to stainless steel surfaces which saves time and money.

Window and Door Frames: During installation, vinyl window frames often get scratched or chipped. Sometimes the damage occurs during siding or finish work, and replacing the window can be costly and eat up a lot of time. Surface Experts can repair the damaged frame, match the color and repair just the damage so the window doesn’t have to be replaced.

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