Surface Experts Serving Hotels

Common Hotel Damages We Repair: 

  • Bath Tubs / Shower Surrounds 
  • Doors—Damage from guests’ luggage or vacuum cleaners 
  • Wood Furniture—scratches or dings 
  • Vanities / Counter Tops 
  • Lobby Floors 
  • Stainless Steel Elevators 

Examples of Repairs we Have Completed for Hotels:

Tub Repair
Repair chip on bath tub rim
Stone Repair
Fill deep holes from cultured marble shower surround
Tub Repair
Repair chipped edge of tub
Tile Repair
Repair holes and clean grime off shower tile
Wood Furniture Repair
Repair to large crack in wood door.
Badly Cracked Stone Counter Top Repair
Chipped Stone Floor Tile Repair
Repaired Crack Stone Floor Tile
Repair to tile after the removal of a post left a hole in the flooring.

Key Benefits of Having Surface Experts Repair Your Damaged Surfaces:

  • Low Odor—Small amount of product used compared with replacement/resurfacing means less disturbance to your guests. 
  • Quick Repair Turn-Around Time—Average repair = 60 minutes 
  • Quick Response Times—Can typically schedule repair within 2-4 days of your call 
  • Consistency — Count on us to answer your call and show up. 
  • Quality — Across all of the surfaces we repair.  

How Surface Experts Helps You

Average Repair Cost: $125 – $200  
Average Repair Time: 60 minutes 
Available & Reliable: You may expect prompt communication, and punctual and professional service. Your guests might even mistake us for hotel staff! 

Cracks in marble lobby floors, scratches in elevator panels, dings in doors and chips in tubs: sound familiar? At Surface Experts, we specialize in repairs to the small-scale damage that accumulates over time, providing you an alternative to replacement or resurfacing. Our repairs focus on repairing just the spot that’s damaged, saving you money. We use minimal product, with little odor and disturbance to guests. Our repairs have a quick turnaround time—in many cases we can be in and out before the next guests arrive. 

The following is a list of common damage to hotel surfaces that Surface Experts repairs:  

Bath Tubs & Shower Surrounds: Chips or cracks in bathtubs and shower surrounds, such as where the shower curtain bar attaches to the shower surround.  

Doors: Scratches, scrapes, and dings to room doors from vacuums or guests’ luggage.  

Furniture: Scratches, scrapes and dings to wooden furniture; 

Floors: Cracked marble or tile; scratched or torn LVP, wood, vinyl flooring 

Vanity Counter Tops: Discoloration, stains, and scratches. 
Elevators: Scratches, scuffs and chips in elevator panels.  

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