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Common Annual Inspection Damages We Repair:

We can do the following repairs in occupied units.

  • Trip Hazards—Torn or ripped vinyl flooring, or cracked/uneven tile flooring 
  • Countertops—Burns, knife cuts, chips to laminate, solid surface, or tile  
  • Bath Tubs— Chipped, cracked, or stained fiberglass, enamel or acrylic tubs & shower surrounds  
  • Sinks —Rusted overflow, chips, cracks, or stains 

Example Repairs

Common Trip Hazard: Torn vinyl flooring in an entryway
Tear/rip across vinyl floor
Tear/rip across vinyl floor
Fiberglass Structural Tub Repair
Our bathtub repairs look great, allow for proper surface cleaning, and restore structural integrity to the tub.
Deep Tub and Shower Cleaning
Repaired rust stains under drain overflow
Tub Repair
Repaired chip on enamel bath tub rim
Repair to cracked tile.
Laminate Countertop Repair
Repair to burn damage on a laminate countertop
Repair rusty and worn sink

Key Benefits of Calling Surface Experts for Your Annual Inspection Repairs:

  • Minimal Disturbance to Residents: Repairs are completed within 1 hour, ready to use in 4 hrs. Residents do not need to move belongings or leave the premises during repairs. 
  • Low Odor—Small amount of product used compared with replacement/resurfacing means less disturbance to your residents. 
  • Quick Repair Turn-Around Time—Average repair = 60 minutes; Surface ready to use in 4 hours. 
  • Quick Response Times—Can typically schedule repair within 2-4 days of your call 
  • Reliability — Count on us to answer your call and show up. 
  • Quality — Across all of the surfaces we repair.  

How Surface Experts Helps You

Average Repair Cost: $125 – $200  
Average Repair Time: 60 minutes,  
Available & Reliable: You may expect prompt communication, and punctual and professional service.  
Minimal Disturbance to Residents: Our repairs have minimal odor disturbance and repaired surfaces are usable within 4 hours. 

Annual HUD Inspections find trip hazards, and surfaces that cannot be cleaned, such as burned countertops, chipped sinks, or cracked bathtubs. What’s more, all repairs must be completed on a timeline and in occupied units. At Surface Experts, we specialize in repairs to the small-scale damage that turns up in HUD Inspections, providing you an alternative to replacement or resurfacing, and offering a repair option with low-disturbance to your residents. Our repairs focus on repairing just the spot that’s damaged, saving you the cost of surface replacement. Residents do not have to leave the unit during repairs. We use minimal product, creating little odor disturbance, and our repairs have a quick turnaround time—even bathtubs can be used within 4 hours of repair.  

You can count on us to answer your call, schedule your repairs promptly, and show up when you need us. 

The following is a list of common damages found in HUD Inspections that Surface Experts repairs:  

Bath Tubs & Shower Surrounds: Chips, cracks, and stains in fiberglass, enamel, and acrylic bathtubs and shower surrounds, including tile. 

Floors: Trip hazards such as cracked tile, and scratched or torn vinyl or LVP flooring 

Countertops: Burns, knife cuts, or scratches to laminate, solid surface, stone, or tile countertops that cannot be properly cleaned. 
Sinks: Chipped, cracked, or stained enamel or stainless-steel sinks, and rusted overflows 

Contact Surface Experts today and make your HUD Inspection repairs a breeze for yourself and your residents.  

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