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Is It Normal Wear and Tear or Damage?

May 12, 2020

If you own rental property, then you can expect to see some normal wear as each tenant moves out. However, don’t be quick to assume that a small stain or crack requires you to resurface entirely. Resurfacing is an expensive option for rental owners and is often unnecessary. At Surface Experts, we make it easy to repair small areas of damage and move tenants in and out of your property efficiently, without losing more money than necessary.

Here are some examples of wear and tear that Surface Experts can help you repair. 


Hardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to any space. However, they are also prone to being scratched up and damaged. Moving heavy pieces of furniture, foot traffic in and out of the house, and even pets can all contribute to the wear you see. At Surface Experts, we can help repair scratches, dings, and dents. Whether the damage is on vinyl, laminate, or engineered woods, Surface Experts can help.

By repairing the eyesores on your floors, we can help you save money and time getting your rental ready for the market.


Countertops are one of the most touched surfaces in an apartment. It’s also common to find the most damage in a kitchen done to the countertops. We can repair burns, cuts, scratches, stains, cracks, and chips on laminate, Corian, and stone countertops. Instead of having to resurface, Surface Experts is able to repair the countertop in less than an hour. We’re also able to repair cracks or chips you might see in tile, saving you from having to hunt for that exact matching tile. 


The most common sign of wear and tear on cabinetry is fingernail scratches from people not using handles or cabinets not having hardware at all. You might additionally see spots and stains from water damage. These are all easy fixes for Surface Experts. Installing new cabinetry can be costly and it’s unlikely that you will find a cabinet with the exact same style and finish as the one currently in place.  

Our renovation process is simple and doesn’t require you to waste time looking for a similar style of cabinet. We can repair scratches and water damage in just a few hours.


Resurfacing a bathtub is both expensive for you and inconvenient for the tenant. The whole process could cost $300 to $600 and requires the tenant to move out for two days due to the high potency of chemicals used. At Surface Experts, we can dramatically cut down that time to just four hours and keep your resident from having to vacate.

We’ll apply 1-2 tablespoons of product per repair and fix any chip or stain the size of a dinner plate or smaller on enamel, fiberglass, or acrylic bathtubs.


Property owners can expect to see some level of wear and tear from each tenant as they vacate. However, Surface Experts is here to help fix minor damage or wear and tear before it’s time to move someone new in. 

Contact us at Surface Experts today to see what minor damage we can take care of.

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