Testimonials for Surface Experts of Spokane, WA

Ronda Aldridge, Community Manager at Greenrich VillageSurface Experts has been a reliable and professional company to work with

We are so happy working with Surface Experts. As apartment property managers, we rely on many contractors when repairs are needed. Surface Experts has been a reliable and professional company to work with. Their employees arrive with a smile and the president of the company stops by the property from time to time to say hi.  We appreciate their fine work restoring scratches on our countertops and bathtubs. We look forward to working with them on every scheduled call. Thank you Surface Experts.

John C.Maintenance Supervisor

I would like to give a huge thanks and kudos to Surface Experts. They have completed many repairs for me over the last two years; porcelain sink dings, burnt/chipped formica, holes in bathtubs, just to name a few. They not only have extremely wonderful customer service but also superior attention to detail. The quality of repairs have not yet ceased to amaze me. I would know where the issue was and after the work was complete, I wouldn’t be able to find it. I am the maintenance supervisor for more than 300 units from homes to town homes to apartments and Surface Experts have been able to fix any repair I have asked of them. I have always recommended them to all who have inquired and wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Tim J.

Excellent work, on time, neat, and professional.

MattApartment Maintenance Supervisor

I have worked with Surface Experts for the last three years. They do a great job! I usually have a hard time finding the repair when they are done!

Cindy C.

Great job!! Very professional, great craftsmanship and customer service. Highly recommend Surface Experts.

Surface Experts have exceeded every expectation we have ever had about surface repair. We use them exclusively for our surface repair needs at all 10 of our apartment communities because there is no one that compares to their level of precision, craftsmanship, and speed. They have pulled us out of some tough spots on short notice—always at a fair price–and have many forms of contact so we can always get in contact with them. If you’re asking yourself if it’s possible to repair that surface instead of replacing it, give Surface Experts a call; you won’t be disappointed!

Lisa C.

My Floor Looks Great!!! Very pleased with the team! Professional, courteous, concerned about quality of work.

Ben P.

Fantastic service! They are very professional. We love our granite countertops! Thanks a lot.

Susan W.

Very efficient and professional and I would especially like to tell that the team was extraordinary. They were quick, efficient, eager to please and good! Congratulations to Surface Experts for your choice of workmen.

Josh H.New Construction Project Manager

I have been working with Surface Experts for the last few years and have been very impressed with their work! They are very good at responding to all of my repair needs whether its tub cracks, counter chips or floor gouges in an extremely reasonable amount of time!

Jenny G.

Surface Experts is the best!! ? Very Professional & fixed a lot of preexisting issues. Thank you very much!

George J.Homeowner

Surface Experts did an amazing job sealing my granite kitchen countertops, and restoring the shine to my marble floors in our master bathroom. Thanks a lot!

TiffanyRental House Landlord

Surface Experts has helped revive two tubs and a kitchen sink in our rental homes. After multiple tenants, we had some significant chips that needed to be repaired. Surface Experts provided excellent service and the areas needing repaired are no longer visible. They did a wonderful job matching the colors of the tubs and sink and tenants we able to start using them again in a reasonable amount of time.

Having used Surface Experts for years, I am convinced there is no bigger bang for your buck in the multi-family industry. They are able to help you keep your counters, floors and other surfaces looking great at a fraction of the cost of replacement and resurfacing.

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