About Surface Experts of Central Saint Louis

Our Mission

Surface Experts of Central St. Louis prides itself on being the go-to company for spot repair — helping construction and restoration businesses, multi-family property management companies, moving companies, hotels, and more, maintain a high level of quality. Using top-of-the-line products and innovative techniques, Surface Experts brings life back to your spaces by repairing what might otherwise be ignored or replaced. We are honored to be the area’s trusted experts in our field and look forward to continuing to grow and perfect our craft.

Who We Are

Zach Brace & Renata Figueiredo — Owners

Zach Brace and Renata Figueiredo launched Surface Experts of Central St. Louis in July 2021. Zach and Renata each brings their own extensive experience in the construction/building industry as well as business and property management to uniquely understand and serve the needs of Surface Experts’ customers.

Zach and Renata love offering a unique solution that saves their customers time, money, and wasted materials.


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