Testimonials for Surface Experts of SWFL

We have used Surface Experts to repair several countertops in our customer’s motorhomes and are always happy with the results. They do great work and are very reasonably priced. It’s saved us a lot of money by being able to make a repair instead of having to replace the entire countertop.

Surface Experts has completed several glass cook top repairs and countertop repairs. First and foremost the level of customer service is great! We have a representative at our property right away to assess the damages/repairs. They send us before and after pictures for reference and invoicing is immediate. All repairs have been excellent, cost effective, and always looks brand new!

Surface Experts has been a lifesaver for our community! We used to pay $380+ to replace our glass cooktops and now we’re able to repair the glass surfaces for a fraction of the cost! Not only are their prices fair, but they’re honest, reliable, and professional. Surface Experts has quickly repaired glass cook tops and cracked granite countertops at our community. If you haven’t used their services yet, you’re missing out!

Surface Experts what a fantastic company! Professional, clean, always on time for appointments. I can never tell where the fix was if I did not know because the blend is always to perfection. They have saved me from having to replace marble vanities and countless kitchen counters. A pleasure to work with from beginning to end, I cannot say enough good about the service.

Surface Experts has completed repairs to tub chips and stove tops for us. The thing we most enjoyed about our experience with Surface Experts was the fast service!

Vanessa D.50 Paramount

Surface Experts repaired our glass cook tops, tub chips and granite cracks. The customer service was amazing and still is. The prices are very reasonable as well. I would highly recommend Surface Experts to anyone.

I have had several countertop repairs completed by Surface Experts and I have been very pleased. You can’t tell anything was wrong. I appreciate the follow up and exceptional customer service we receive as well.

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