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Repair Damaged Bathtubs in Rental Units and Hotel Rooms

June 2, 2020

A battered bathtub can look dirty, even when clean, and can harm the reputation of any rental. Room cleanliness is the most important factor for customer happiness in the hotel industry and plays a role in desirability for apartment rentals. Replacement or complete resurfacing may seem necessary, but a simple repair of the surface may offer more advantages.

Avoid Extra Expense

Replacement of a tub usually includes a lot more than just the investment in the new tub. Added purchases needed could include all new plumbing to install the bathtub and any fixtures. Replacement of the flooring and drywall or tile may become necessary if the plumber cannot match the dimensions of the old tub exactly.

Any repairs to the walls could mean you have to repaint or re-tile the entire room if the new paint or material does not exactly match the rest of the room. The entire process could take several days or longer and mean a loss of income for the use of the rental and the inconvenience to tenants that must make alternate living arrangements.

Surface repairs of bathtub damage involve only the tub, so no other repairs need to occur due to the work. The repair process takes only a short time to perform and people can use the bathtub after the product cures. Refinishing or re-glazing a bathtub puts it out of use for about two days.

Reduce the Interruptions

The construction work in a bathroom could cause enough mess, foot traffic, and noise that people in nearby units become affected. The water cannot stay on during the replacement of a bathtub. Multiple units or all the units in a building may not have water available to them while the work takes place if the workers need to shut off the main water supply.

Surface repairs do not produce the amount of mess of a full tub renovation and the water can stay turned on during the process. The work will affect only the unit with the bathtub under repair. The technician that performs the work will only need to be at the location for a couple of hours or less.

Avoid Safety Concerns

Professional bathtub refinishing services use exhaust systems to ventilate the room during the work to help dissipate the chemical odors. The strong odors come from the materials used to etch the existing finish of the bathtub so that the refinishing glaze sticks to the tub. The smell can easily drift to neighboring units.

Poor ventilation can cause illness from exposure to the etching chemicals. People should stay out of the unit for a day or two after refinishing. Sometimes, the smell could become strong enough for people in nearby units to need to ventilate their rooms or stay somewhere else until the smell goes away.

Repairing surface damage does not require chemicals to etch the surface, so the process does not produce an odor. The residents can remain in their home, and the neighbors will stay undisturbed.

Surface repair companies can also add a filler beneath the bathtub that stabilizes and supports the tub to prevent damage. Fiberglass bathtubs do not always have adequate support and cracks can develop. A filler prevents movement of the fiberglass during use and can reduce the chance of cracks that may cause injury or water leaks.

Cracks, chips, and worn surfaces in a bathtub can make a bathroom look dirty, unmaintained, and outdated. Repair the surface damage on a bathtub to save money and time and reduce the mess compared to other options. At Surface Experts, we can make repairs that will make your tub look like new for less. Contact us to learn more. 

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