Chip in your tub? Scratch in your floor? Knife cuts in your counter top? Whatever the damage, Surface Experts is ready to help! We repair small damage on most interior surfaces. Counter tops, Floors, Cabinets, Bathtubs, Sinks, Tile, Appliances and so much more!

We specialize in repairing those eye sores that call attention to themselves. Whether you are renting an apartment, having guests over for dinner or about to check a guest into a hotel room, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is feeling like they need to cover up a surface to hide an unsightly damage. Don’t throw a rug over it, call your local Surface Experts and we can schedule a timely repair that will take away your stress.


Surface Experts has established partnerships with Property Managers, Maintenance Managers, Chief Engineers, Hotels, Restaurants, Moving Companies, Realtors, and more. They trust us to repair minor damage on all types of surfaces.

We are committed to helping your business achieve the surface repair results you’re looking for promptly, without having to resurface.

Stainless steel repair. Polishing out scratches in a stainless steel elevator panel.


Unlike other repair companies, our team comes on-site and focuses on repairing the areas that are damaged, rather than replacing the surface altogether. Our process allows for businesses to save time and money. Our average repair can be completed in just a few hours or less.

We understand your business depends heavily on quick and efficient tenant/guest turnover and no down-time. After all, time is money!

When standing in a rental or building commons we can repair almost any surface you’ll see. Common damages we repair are: scratches on engineered and solid wood floors, gouges in vinyl plank flooring, knife cuts and burns on laminate kitchen countertops, burns on ceramic cooktops, cracks in bathtubs and showers, scratches on stainless steel, and chips in tile.



Countertops are one of the most used surfaces in a kitchen. At Surface Experts, we specialize in countertop repair to help property managers repair smaller areas of damage from knife cuts, burns, and regular kitchen use on Corian, Tile, or Granite. We can even help you with your laminate countertop repairs. Rather than having to resurface the countertop entirely, we can repair the damage in an hour or less – saving hundreds of dollars from maintenance budgets and providing your rental building with quicker turns.

Repair to cracked tile flooring.


Tears, scratches, chips, or cracks? They’re certainly not fun to look at and can lower your rental rates, but Surface Experts can help. Floors are the most used surface in any space and often the most worn. We repair Sheet Vinyl, Vinyl Plank, Laminate, Engineered Wood, Solid Wood Floors, and Tile and Stone. A common question we get asked is do we use patches for Sheet Vinyl? And the answer is no. We use a product that fuses with the existing vinyl material, allowing for a seamless repair. Our technicians match every color on site and our work is instantly heat-cured before wrapping up. It’s as easy as that.


Unfortunately, cracks are very common in Fiberglass bathtubs. When bathtubs aren’t installed properly it can cause a headache for both property and maintenance managers. Our technicians not only repair bathtub cracks, chips, and scratches but they also inject a two-part epoxy foam below the bathtub to create more support when there is structural damage to the tub. Our repair can be done in an hour or less, keeping your unit rented and preventing further damage to the units below. Surface Experts’ technicians are also experienced in repairing chips and stains in enamel bathtubs as well as chips, stains, and cracks in acrylic bathtubs while color matching the repair.

Hard surface repair to crack causing structural damage to a fiberglass bathtub.
appliance repairs, polishing of stained glass cooktop.


You know we can repair countertops and floors, but we’re also able to repair damage done to cabinets and appliances. After inspecting the damage, we can discuss options available to protect and preserve the overall appearance. Don’t worry about matching the cabinet style, damage caused by water or on cabinet pulls can easily be repaired. We’re also able to repair scratches on stainless steel refrigerators and burns on glass or ceramic cooktops. While most of our repairs are smaller than the size of a dinner plate, our experienced and highly trained team is confident to take on jobs of all complexities.

We look forward to being part of your team, keeping you under budget, and your units rented.


  • Vanessa D.50 Paramount

    Surface Experts repaired our glass cook tops, tub chips and granite cracks. The customer service was amazing and still is. The prices are very reasonable as well. I would highly recommend Surface Experts to anyone.

  • Jenny G.

    Surface Experts is the best!! ? Very Professional & fixed a lot of preexisting issues. Thank you very much!

  • We have used Surface Experts to repair several countertops in our customer’s motorhomes and are always happy with the results. They do great work and are very reasonably priced. It’s saved us a lot of money by being able to make a repair instead of having to replace the entire countertop.

  • Surface Experts has completed repairs to tub chips and stove tops for us. The thing we most enjoyed about our experience with Surface Experts was the fast service!

  • John C.Maintenance Supervisor

    I would like to give a huge thanks and kudos to Surface Experts. They have completed many repairs for me over the last two years; porcelain sink dings, burnt/chipped formica, holes in bathtubs, just to name a few. They not only have extremely wonderful customer service but also superior attention to detail. The quality of repairs have not yet ceased to amaze me. I would know where the issue was and after the work was complete, I wouldn’t be able to find it. I am the maintenance supervisor for more than 300 units from homes to town homes to apartments and Surface Experts have been able to fix any repair I have asked of them. I have always recommended them to all who have inquired and wouldn’t trust anyone else.

  • Vayla McMullen, Maintenance SupervisorThe Impossible Happened

    "What I love most about Surface Experts is you all save me thousands of dollars! I was at the point where I was replacing stove tops and now I don't have to since they resurface them. I found out about Surface Expert through our Property Management Company, Camden. I actually got them on my list of vendors and the owner, Ben, applied for work at our property. And we've been working with them ever since! Quality of work they do is excellent! The impossible happened on a few stoves Surface Experts did for us. The availability is awesome--it is really rare with vendor to get in this quick to service the repair. Definitely love their availability and service!"

  • Patricia G.Fathom Realty

    Thank you for repairing and cleaning the countertops and stove top. Looks so much better. I will be sure and refer you to any of my friends or real estate clients if they need any repairs.

  • Ben P.

    Fantastic service! They are very professional. We love our granite countertops! Thanks a lot.

  • Lisa C.

    My Floor Looks Great!!! Very pleased with the team! Professional, courteous, concerned about quality of work.

  • TiffanyRental House Landlord

    Surface Experts has helped revive two tubs and a kitchen sink in our rental homes. After multiple tenants, we had some significant chips that needed to be repaired. Surface Experts provided excellent service and the areas needing repaired are no longer visible. They did a wonderful job matching the colors of the tubs and sink and tenants we able to start using them again in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Tim J.

    Excellent work, on time, neat, and professional.

  • Arra Tucker, Community ManagerHelped my property save money without sacrificing quality!

    "Surface Experts has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They respond quickly, are always courteous and kind. They have helped my property save money without sacrificing quality! I will always recommend them and will continue to use them."

  • Nate Morkal, Property Manager at Harrison Place

    Surface Experts is great at fixing repairs and problem areas without having to resurface the entire counter top! They are affordable, honest, and they won't charge you if they cannot do the repair! Matt is fantastic to work with, he is always so quick to respond by text and email! The repairs are just as fast to get on the schedule, they usually take 24-48 hours to fix. Definitely will be using their services again!

  • Heather Torrescano, Property ManagerOh my heavens!

    Oh My Heavens!!! Did you see Rachel's pictures of the work she just completed? AmAzInG!!! She did very well.

  • Cindy C.

    Great job!! Very professional, great craftsmanship and customer service. Highly recommend Surface Experts.

  • Ronda Aldridge, Community Manager at Greenrich VillageSurface Experts has been a reliable and professional company to work with

    We are so happy working with Surface Experts. As apartment property managers, we rely on many contractors when repairs are needed. Surface Experts has been a reliable and professional company to work with. Their employees arrive with a smile and the president of the company stops by the property from time to time to say hi.  We appreciate their fine work restoring scratches on our countertops and bathtubs. We look forward to working with them on every scheduled call. Thank you Surface Experts. 

  • Surface Experts what a fantastic company! Professional, clean, always on time for appointments. I can never tell where the fix was if I did not know because the blend is always to perfection. They have saved me from having to replace marble vanities and countless kitchen counters. A pleasure to work with from beginning to end, I cannot say enough good about the service.

  • Steve Smith, Service Manager at 5115 Park PlaceI am so impressed
    “I am so impressed with what you did with the stove and the fridge in #332. I am positive we will use you again. Now we just need to establish what the outer limit will be before I just replace the stovetop.”
  • MattApartment Maintenance Supervisor

    I have worked with Surface Experts for the last three years. They do a great job! I usually have a hard time finding the repair when they are done!

  • Surface Experts has completed several glass cook top repairs and countertop repairs. First and foremost the level of customer service is great! We have a representative at our property right away to assess the damages/repairs. They send us before and after pictures for reference and invoicing is immediate. All repairs have been excellent, cost effective, and always looks brand new!

  • Having used Surface Experts for years, I am convinced there is no bigger bang for your buck in the multi-family industry. They are able to help you keep your counters, floors and other surfaces looking great at a fraction of the cost of replacement and resurfacing.

  • Nehi Carruth, Service Manager at EnclaveService Manager, South Charlotte, saving money

    Surface Experts always has fast service. I have not had a single repair that I’ve had a problem with. They have been great at saving us money for every single repair. The techs who I’ve worked with on the repairs have been great. They are outgoing and positive!

  • Surface Experts have exceeded every expectation we have ever had about surface repair. We use them exclusively for our surface repair needs at all 10 of our apartment communities because there is no one that compares to their level of precision, craftsmanship, and speed. They have pulled us out of some tough spots on short notice—always at a fair price–and have many forms of contact so we can always get in contact with them. If you’re asking yourself if it’s possible to repair that surface instead of replacing it, give Surface Experts a call; you won’t be disappointed!

  • Susan W.

    Very efficient and professional and I would especially like to tell that the team was extraordinary. They were quick, efficient, eager to please and good! Congratulations to Surface Experts for your choice of workmen.

  • I have had several countertop repairs completed by Surface Experts and I have been very pleased. You can’t tell anything was wrong. I appreciate the follow up and exceptional customer service we receive as well.

  • Josh H.New Construction Project Manager

    I have been working with Surface Experts for the last few years and have been very impressed with their work! They are very good at responding to all of my repair needs whether its tub cracks, counter chips or floor gouges in an extremely reasonable amount of time!

  • George J.Homeowner

    Surface Experts did an amazing job sealing my granite kitchen countertops, and restoring the shine to my marble floors in our master bathroom. Thanks a lot!

  • Dana Raoff, Community Manager Element BallantyneLike a diamond in the rough.

    You guys are amazing! Like a diamond in the rough. I can't believe we haven't used you guys until now. I remember Greg showing me the Before and After pictures of the glass cooktop repair, and whoa, it was amazing! I'm telling you it was magic! We are able to save so much money and not order stove tops! It was an eye opener. Our Maintenance Manager is a huge advocate for the work you do, we cannot thank you enough!

  • Jeff Jerabek, Leasing Consultant at Ascent Windwardtubs, reasonable pricing, professional

    We have been using Surface Experts here at The Ascent at Windward for 6+ months now, and we have had nothing but great experiences!  Lewis, Vince, Matt and Megan have been so extremely professional and prompt with any request that we have.  Below is a list of reason why we WILL NOT use another surface repair company:


    -First and foremost, customer service exceeds expectation

    -Tubs that we had major issues with, that were not able to be fixed by other companies, were fixed first try by Surface Experts

    -Warranty (even though we have not had to use ever)

    -Drying/setting time is much faster than other resurfacing companies, which makes for resident satisfaction

    -Very reasonable pricing


    Every experience we have had with Surface Experts has been positive, and I appreciate the persistence of Matt and Lewis stopping by and taking care of us, because otherwise we would never have known what we were missing!

  • I just wanted to take the time and say that Greg is who came and did the tub for us today. He did an amazing job and took the time to lay down paper everywhere, tape off the tub spout, and just made sure everything was done right.  In a world that focuses a lot more on the negative then positive I just wanted to let you know how well he did and that you are lucky to have such a dedicated employee who shows how much he cares through his work.

  • Surface Experts has been a lifesaver for our community! We used to pay $380+ to replace our glass cooktops and now we’re able to repair the glass surfaces for a fraction of the cost! Not only are their prices fair, but they’re honest, reliable, and professional. Surface Experts has quickly repaired glass cook tops and cracked granite countertops at our community. If you haven’t used their services yet, you’re missing out!

  • Ashlee Silva, Property Manager at Village at GrandridgeHighly Recommend Them To Anyone

    We had Rachel repair a shower floor that had cracked in a couple places.  She was on time, worked quickly, and left the space she worked in clean.  The repair work looks amazing...like you would never know there was any cracks there to begin with. I am very pleased with the technician and the repair work done.  We will definitely be giving Surface Experts more business in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone.

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