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After graduating from Whitworth University, Jacob Grady moved to Bogota, Colombia to work with a Colombian church to open a home for girls that were at high risk of sexual abuse.  A year into living in Colombia, Jacob realized they needed an ongoing revenue source that could support the girls home.  After talking with his friends in Spokane, WA, they agreed to come to Bogota to train him and several others on how to start and run their business.  A year later, in 2008, the company had a thriving business doing repairs to small surface damage for 4 and 5 star hotels and restaurants in Bogota.

In early 2009, Jacob and his wife moved back to the US and was persuaded by his father, Jack Grady to open the same surface repair business.  In 2009, Jacob opened in Portland, OR.  Starting in his living room office, he built the business into a successful organization that had several hundred repeat customers and multiple repair technicians. Over the course of 8 years they built a reputation of being the go-to company for all surface damage in Portland Metro area.  They developed their own proprietary software to handle scheduling work orders and invoicing.  With plans to adopt another child, Jacob and his wife decided it would be best to be close to the rest of their family.  In 2017, Jacob sold his business to move back to Spokane, WA with his family. 

During 2017 and the first half of 2018, Jacob was looking for another business to start.  His dad, meanwhile, was convinced his old business was great and that he should work with the former franchisors to re-launch the franchise.  After finding an experienced franchising partner in Dennis Mulgannon, Jacob felt the time was right to launch their new franchise.  By combining Dennis’ experience of building successful brands and Jacob’s of building a successful surface repair business, the two were able to re-launch an exciting new look on a service business.  On July 4th, 2018, Surface Experts was born.  Surface Experts (SE) is designed for the franchisee who has business acumen and wants to replace their $150K annual salary.  SE will help hire and train their technicians, while giving the franchisee the tools and resources to succeed using a completely unique service.

Jacob Grady – CEO

At Surface Experts, Jacob takes the successes and mistakes he made while starting and running two businesses in Bogota, Colombia and Portland, OR and using them to build a healthy model.  He works hand-in-hand with franchise owners to achieve their goals and build their businesses. 

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jacob and his wife Catherine love the outdoors and are often on a river or a mountain.  Their two children have taken up their love for the outdoors in fishing and foraging for berries.  Jacob has a passion for entrepreneurs and helping start businesses.  Whether in Rwanda, Colombia or around the USA, helping small businesses thrive is what drives him.

Otis Laney – Directory of Technical Training & Development

Otis spent over 4 years as a surface repair technician learning about various surfaces and processes for repairing them.  He now trains and supports Surface Experts technicians as they learn our proprietary repair process. Otis is also involved in developing repair techniques for new surface types.  He finds great satisfaction in seeing technicians solve problems and find solutions to challenging repairs.

Otis loves spending time with my family, fishing, and the outdoors.


Erin Oranen – Director of Sales

Before joining Surface Experts, she spent much of her career in sales and sales coaching with the Southwestern Family of Companies. During her 10-year residence in Portland, OR, she had the privilege of working for Nike, Inc recruiting marketing and advertising masterminds. She loves the psychology behind relational sales, a technique that has served her greatly, and something she truly enjoys sharing with our teams as they grow their businesses.

Erin enjoys being active, creating yummy things in the kitchen, adventuring outdoors and spending time with the people she loves. She lives in Spokane, WA with her husband and two children, ages 9 and 12. She loves connecting with people on all things including (but not limited to): life, goals, personal development, food, adventure, podcasts, books and more!

Leigh Willis – Sales Account Manager

Leigh comes to Surface Experts with over 20 years of account management, and business development experience.  She has an excellent ability to build and sustain relationships with large employers and national accounts (e.g. Tesla, Amazon, AT&T, etc.). Her ambitious attitude and dedication, along with her trained business background, has allowed her to close deals effectively and manage client relationships very well. Last year she relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area over to beautiful rural Idaho, positioning herself near our headquarters in Spokane.

Greg Hess – Controller

In his free time Greg enjoys an eclectic mix of activities such as: being gardening, tinkering on various DIY projects, learning, volunteering, and making lists, among other things.

Prior to joining Surface Experts Greg enjoyed a long career in the digital market research industry. He brings skills ranging from accounting to technology to customer service. Greg is excited to be part of a team working to save its customers money and help the environment by reducing waste.

Nicole Mullins – Support Center Lead

Nicole M. is the Surface Experts Support Lead. She oversees the support center’s intake of customer calls, as well as assisting the franchises with scheduling and other needs. Nicole has been in the customer service field for the last five years. She strives for customer satisfaction, which has created a customer-centric atmosphere. This has helped her build a happy environment for our customers.

Nicole loves spending her time playing with her two beautiful children and will never turn down an iced caramel macchiato!


Megan Lindsay – Support Center Rep.

Currently studying for her masters as a Graduate Assistant coach/sports chaplain for Whitworth Women’s Lacrosse. Megan enjoys reading books on ascetical theology, camping, and playing soccer. Before becoming a customer support specialist, she worked part-time in sales for companies like Lush Cosmetics, Athleta, and Big 5. She enjoys coming alongside others to meet their needs and find what they are looking for. Megan also finds enjoyment in seeing people learn new skills and discover their own grit when facing challenges.

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