Surface Experts is your go-to to restore all types of surfaces. Whether we service your floors, countertops, bath & shower, pavers, or other surfaces, you’ll be amazed at the results. Count on our expertise to resolve problems and achieve stunning results.


Hardwood floors are some of the most beautiful features of your home. And even a small amount of water accumulation can cause severe damage to the floor surface. There are several flooring add-ons that can help you prevent such damages but it need regular attention and failing to do so can result into bad looking floor which degrades the overall look of your space. At Surface experts, we have a team of well-experienced professionals who can help you restore any type of flooring damage that you have.  

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“I have been working with Surface Experts for the last few years and have been very impressed with their work! They are very good at responding to all of my repair needs whether its tub cracks, counter chips or floor gouges in an extremely reasonable amount of time!” 

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We inspect the surface very briefly and make sure we identify every damage, cracks and holes. Then we use materials specially designed for the refinishing process to restore the surface. Finally we prep the surface with topcoat. Our complete process is focus on providing you a quality surface for years of mold-free use. 

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Our team is happy to speak with you and discuss options available to protect and preserve the attractive appearance of your space. No matter what the cause of the damage was, our experienced and well trained team is confident and always available to take on jobs of all sizes and complexities.

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Surface Experts is your go-to for all types of surfaces whether it is stainless steel, plastics, glass, vinyl and ceramic cooktops. We work fast and efficiently to deliver a quick fix throughout any surface.

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